Collaboration with other leadership training experts

Thursday 28th February was a really good day for Equinox Coaching. Performance -1  came to my centre to experience my horse led leadership training in East Sussex.

Performance 1 are a forward thinking Leadership Consultancy for whom integrity, authenticity, trust and respect features highly in their training.

Performance1 was founded in 2000 by Jonathan Males. Along with fellow Director William Winstone and a strong associate team, they work throughout the UK and major assignments also take them to Europe, North America, the Far East and Australia.

Just to explain a bit about the company Performance1 are the people behind the people who are serious about becoming the best they can be. They coach leaders and their teams in the ART of Performance. Their clients learn to Act powerfully, Relate well and Think straight.

They draw on insights from Olympic sport, business and psychology. As a result, their clients achieve more with their help than they could alone.

Brian Chandler another forward thinking consultant introduced me to Performance 1. The reason for part of the P1 crew including Judith Ward, John Nicholson, Karen Ellis and Roger Cousins and was to come and experience the Equine Guided Leadership program for a possible collaboration between P1 and Equinox Coaching.

The Equine Guided Leadership program is very quick and effective. It takes clients to the the “issues they are struggling with” very quickly as the horses act as mirror of what a person is doing subconsciously without judgement and criticism. The exercises (no riding involved) are carefully structured to gradually take the clients out of their comfort zone and make them experience how they would react in a situation not familiar to them (initially with the horse) but they soon discover that they would react the same way in their business of personal life.

The collaboration would work either by P1to use this training as part of their program with their clients or vice versa.

We will see what comes of it but both parties are very hopeful that a future collaboration is possible.

Please look at the P1 blog about Jonathan’s and the rest of the crew’s experience with the Equine Guided Leadership training.