I would like to introduce you to my beautiful herd of horses.

I keep them in the most natural way I can provide – they all live together in a barn – and can roam free, seeking shelter or grazing in the fields when they choose.

They are allowed to develop their own personalities and hierarchy and are free to interact with each as they please. They get regular osteopathy, Bowens, homeopathy and Shiatsu treatment apart from the regular vet, trimmer and dentist checks. I treat all of them with what they need rather than adhering to only natural horsemanship or more conventional treatment.

I fit into the herd as their provider only making decisions which they can’t make for themselves and using my skills as a KI Aikido (Martial Art) student to lead them without forcing them or clashing with them. I don’t always succeed but I try my best.

They teach me as I am teach them and my learning with them will continue for however long I have the pleasure of them being me.

Ed (big) Stanley (small)
Ernie (latest arrival in herd)
Two horses in Barn profile - Sandra (foreground) and Luna (background)
Sandra (foreground) and Luna (background)
Ensō Circle

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