Equine Guided Leadership Coaching

Our seminars work because participants get to the root of a problem and come up with solutions they can put into effect.

Participants discover whether they are direct, co-operative or delegation leaders and can deploy their new skills for better business.

Our clients include international names in the corporate finance sector, public bodies and teachers.

Meeting Business Challenges

Equinox Coaching can provide a fresh approach to business challenges:

  • When a company has a big decision ahead and wants everyone pulling together
  • To sort out issues undermining team performance or inter-departmental co-operation
  • When absenteeism and illness are signs that something is wrong
  • For innovative management training to improve leadership skills
  • When your team is bored with deskbound, classroom style workshops and is looking for something different

Why Work With Horses?

The benefits of working with horses are many:

  • They are non-judgemental (they do not condescend or criticise) – so everyone can learn constructively from mistakes
  • They give an immediate response (they don’t discriminate between the CEO and a secretary and won’t move if they don’t want to) – so you get instant and honest feedback
  • They respond to non-verbal communication – so you learn how to make your message clear through changing your intentions
  • They reward your efforts once you have earned your authority – so encouraging leadership through respect and trust, not power

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