Equine Therapy to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression

Horses by nature have exceptional body intelligence. For their survival – and the survival of the whole herd – they have evolved to be particularly good at responding to each other’s needs. They naturally seek inner calm – something that in humans is essential to combatting depression, anxiety and PTSD among other conditions.

Our Equine-Assisted Therapy Sessions

Join me for an Equine Therapy session and we will become part of the herd. The horses will take account of your emotional and physical behaviour as if you were one of them, and you will find that you adapt too.

The phenomenon of adapting to behaviour is called “affect regulation”. It’s all about modulating our emotional state to meet our environment. Studies have shown how humans adapt to the slower and more consistent heart rate of horses, allowing you to tap into their tranquillity.

If you are afraid of horses, just watching them from a distance will help. There is no need to get close. 

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