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What have horses got to teach us about group dynamics and leadership?

This article tells the story of a new and very different member joining the herd and invite  us to consider what horses may have to teach us about group dynamics and leadership.  The existing herd consisted of  Phil the leader, Colin who is next in line and previously held the position of leader,  Ed who … more

Inspire Young Leaders With Equine Leadership Training

Equine Guided Leadership is the latest corporate training innovation to hit the UK and despite the fairly small number of companies offering the service, Great Britain is already considered one of the top countries in the world for one-to-one training with a horse. In the business world, leaders use Equine Guided Leadership to develop a … more

Let Equine Guided Leadership Shape your Management Style

The best managers think outside the box and one way to do just that is by embarking on an equine guided leadership training course. Whilst other company leaders are sitting in a stuffy conference room desperately trying to stay awake whilst an expert drones on, you could be out in the fresh air enjoying working … more

The Benefits of Leadership Training for Small Businesses

Small business owners are often reluctant to spend their budget on training, especially with the current state of the economy. But leadership training can have huge benefits for small business and be well worth the money it costs. If you’re considering training for your staff then take a look at just how leadership training could … more

Collaboration with other leadership training experts

Thursday 28th February was a really good day for Equinox Coaching. Performance -1  came to my centre to experience my horse led leadership training in East Sussex. Performance 1 are a forward thinking Leadership Consultancy for whom integrity, authenticity, trust and respect features highly in their training. Performance1 was founded in 2000 by Jonathan Males. … more

Leadership Skills that you can learn from Horses

What makes a great leader ? Most of us would find it hard to define the subtle mix of skills required – and with very good reason. The majority of human communication is non-verbal and the most successful leaders have honed their skills to be able to say what they need to say without even … more

Five Leadership Lessons you can learn from Horses

If you’ve ever sat down after a leadership training day and wondered whether what you learned was really worth the money you spent, then you simply haven’t thought out of the box when it comes to training. Believe it or not more than 90% of human communication is non-verbal – which is why many of us … more