10 benefits of trauma therapy

There are immense benefits to working with a trained therapist so that you can free yourself from your fears.

These 10 benefits of trauma therapy can offer you a new lease of life. They may not all apply in every case, but they show what can await you:

  1. Have a safe, non-judgemental environment to process experiences you want to forget or erase. 
  2. Create new positive thought patterns with the help of neurofeedback and body intelligence.
  3. Learn self-regulation skills to take control of your body so you can develop the courage to face difficult things safely.
  4. Feel safe in your body so you can experience sensations without being scared of them. 
  5. Experience what is “stuck” in your body – and release it.
  6. Solve the puzzle of feelings that you understand rationally – but that still do not go away.
  7. Care for and manage your body so that you can develop a loving relationship. 
  8. Talk to me about difficult issues in a safe environment that does not try to “fix “you but instead teaches you how to help yourself.
  9. Allow yourself to build the courage to process your fears.
  10. Free the non-rational part of your brain from the need to release stress hormones at inappropriate times. This will prevent it throwing your body into a defensive shut-down mode that stops you feeling anything at all, and you will begin to feel alive again. 

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