Client Testimonials

I had 8 sessions with Anette and learnt so much about myself. Anette and her wonderful herd of horses also taught me the skills to cope with the issues I face which has had an amazing effect on my day to day life. I can’t thank her (and her four legged friends) enough!


I am so glad that I came across Equinox Therapy and was fortunate to have equine therapy with Anette. She and her herd of beautiful horses have helped me immensely.  Anette is warm and approachable, and at the same time has clear boundaries.

She has given me some very deep insights into my emotions and helped me come to some new ways of dealing with the challenging issues in my life. I am grateful for Annette’s commitment and dedication, including receiving prompt emails with summaries after every session. I would recommend anyone interested in having equine therapy to contact Equinox Therapy.  For me it was a very memorable powerful experience and I will especially remember new herd member Ernie!


I loved the work with Anette and her horses, It was a completely new experience for me and I was able to see really quite profound progress over the three sessions I had. I can honestly say that it’s helped me manage work and relationship issues with much more ease and move on from issues that had been troubling me. Highly recommended.


I came home from my first session with Anette and her horses describing it as ‘mind-blowing’.  The therapy sessions were fascinating and immensely mind-expanding: it is the most powerful self –awareness work I’ve ever experience and quickly flagging up surprising issues to work with. Engaging with the horses is an exciting, unique, grounding, gentle and humbling experience and one can do nothing but be present in the moment during this insightful process.  The horses naturally give continual biofeedback in how they are reacting to what you are working with Anette on.

It’s stunning, authentic and the effect is instant – enabling you to work quickly through processes as the horses’ limbic brain reaction cuts the chances of human misinterpretation of what’s coming up and therefore getting to the genuine source of the problem and working with it is speedier. Although I am quite apprehensive of horses Anette put me easily at ease and soon I was doing exercises with them that I had to almost pinch myself to believe.  Anette is such an enabler: she had complete control of the situation continually and her intuition and decades of horse expertise enabled me to feel completely safe at all times.  I loved working with her; she is fabulously knowledgeable, kind, insightful and funny – it felt like I was on an exciting journey rather than engaging in a ‘therapy course’.  I can’t imagine there is any one on the planet that wouldn’t gain a benefit from this kind of interaction with these amazing animals.  I can’t wait to do more.


I had 4 sessions with Anette and her horses and gained so much from the experience! Anette was open and easy to talk to and supported me in finding my way through my challenges with gentleness and spot-on intuition.Working with the different horses from her herd (who are all lovely!) allowed me to face these difficulties with different perspectives and energies and gain new insights each week.  I found that doing the 4 sessions in a row was great as it helped the to work through things that were coming up in my life at the time and then in the last session, to find positive ways in which to move forward.  I can’t recommend her and her herd enough!


I had no idea what to expect during the session – Anette is very proficient during the history taking and is very easy to open up to.  When I worked with the horses it was a revelation – I had no idea that body language/inteligence is so powerful.  It was a fascinating and instructive morning for which I am truly grateful.