Inspire Young Leaders With Equine Leadership Training

Equine Guided Leadership is the latest corporate training innovation to hit the UK and despite the fairly small number of companies offering the service, Great Britain is already considered one of the top countries in the world for one-to-one training with a horse. In the business world, leaders use Equine Guided Leadership to develop a myriad of skills that can completely transform the way they lead. However, when it comes to young people the effect of working with horses can have an even greater impact by helping to shape the minds of the leaders of tomorrow.

If you run a youth programme, training scheme or offer internships then take a look at the following to discover how your young leaders could benefit from the majesty and wisdom of nature’s wisest animals.

Develop Key Skills

The skills necessary to become a good leader are also essential for life in general! Equine guided leadership allows delegates to develop relationships, solve problems, think critically, communicate effectively and lead confidently. Horses do not respond to intimidation so if you want them to comply, you need to engender mutual respect and trust – all without uttering a word! Once you can get a horse to do what you want it to do, it’s easy to transfer those skills to people.

Build Confidence

One of the biggest problems facing young people in the UK today is a lack of confidence brought about by the general state of employment. Young people who can’t find a job gradually lose their self-esteem the longer they’re unemployed for, which in turn makes it even harder to get a job. When you walk into an interview room most people will make a snap judgement about whether they plan to hire you based purely on their first impression. In order to work with a horse you need to project an unspoken aura of confidence which is also the ideal way to conduct yourself in a job interview.

Invest in Quality

Equine Guided Leadership Training is an incredibly new and forward thinking way of training that utilises the latest solutions, strategies and techniques. Offering young people the chance to take part in a programme will demonstrate your belief in them through your willingness to invest in the very best training available. This will in turn help build their self-esteem and help them to get the most possible benefit from any training they undertake.

Gain Experience

These days more and more employers are placing greater weight on experience than on credentials – and as university fees have priced many young people out of the education market, in the future it’s likely that even less importance will be given to formal qualifications. However, training and experience that can be directly applied to the workplace will be considered of greater value, so providing young people with the opportunity to undertake equine training could put them at an advantage in the employment market.

Get Positive

There’s so much negative press surrounding young people today that it’s easy to understand how it could lead to disaffection and a negative attitude. Setting out goals and accomplishing them with a horse is an incredible experience which anyone should view as a major achievement, but in a world where young people are given few opportunities to succeed, the effect of a positive equine training course can be positively life changing!