Dealing with Anger

Dealing with anger issues

Symptoms of anger are:

  • Rage
  • Fury
  • Deflection, sometimes dragging in an innocent bystander
  • Boredom or apathy, masking anger that you feel unable to deal with openly

The message anger is giving you

Anger lets you know your emotional, physical or psychological boundary has been flouted, sometimes by a person you feel is trying to manipulate you. Constructive anger can allow you to show yourself as someone concerned about fairness, interested in another point of view and keen to be heard.

There are ways to overcome anger issues that stop you living a full life.

There are questions you can ask:

  • What boundary must be protected?
  • What boundary must be restored?

If you feel anger is dominating your life, I can offer CBT therapy to help you to focus confidently on positive thoughts and action.

Dealing with someone else’s anger

When dealing with somebody else’s anger it is best to: 

  • Try to remain calm if you are not physically threatened
  • Listen to what the person is saying or shouting
  • Acknowledge their distress but keep your own boundaries
  • Try not to give them advice but listen to find out the real cause of their anger
  • Walk away if the situation gets too explosive.

You may know someone who could benefit from therapy to control their anger.